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Candy Cotton


TalkShareCare is an innovative talk wellness program, primarily for children ages 4-10. Its mission is to build communication skills, healthy individuals and families, improved relationships, and happiness. Its motto is Talk Well, Connect… Be Happy.  Its curriculum features the wise “Dr. TawkTuMee” Bear and his woodland pals, collectively known as the “Talkin’ Troupers.” The lessons include units on:

  • Sharing your voice

  • Listening

  • Assertiveness

  • Conflict management

  • Grief

  • Stress management

  • Emotional expressiveness

  • Faith & Joy

  • Building happiness into daily living

Available Soon

workbook-front-cover hig res.jpg

1) The initial products of instruction will be delivered via the TalkShareCare Happy Kit. This kit will include the TalkShareCare Activity Book (in press) with stickers, certificate of official membership into the TalkShareCare community, a fidget toy with TSC logo, colorful bouncy ball (small), and plush 13 inch TalkShareCare Bear wearing a TSC t-shirt; All will be encased in a drawstring/tote bag stamped with the TalkShareCare identifying logo. Additionally, there will be a TalkShareCare Website with multiple learning activities for children to enjoy.

2) The second aspect of the program will be a TalkShareCare Digital Subscription program where each month a child will have access to the communication unit of the month. An annual subscription for each child will cost $120. 


Expressville, LLC is the parent company of TalkShareCare and is committed to educating, inspiring, and enhancing lives through meaningful communication. Its Motto “Changing the World One Voice at a Time” reflects the transformational power and possibility for children, teens, adults, and families to enhance their lives through communication. Its founder is Dr. Sherilyn Marrow, an award-winning communication professor at the University of Northern Colorado and certified family psychotherapist.

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