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Pour Me A Divorce

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( . . . or NOT! )

Pour Me a Divorc( . . . or NOT! ) is a must read for anyone in a problem drinking or addiction-troubled relationship who is ready for a positive change!


Personal Experiences

This 'sweet & sour' memoir is filled with advice and stories from a variety of partners involved in problem-drinking relationships including personal experiences and wisdom from its own author.

Resilience Research

Dr. Sher incorporates the extensive research she has conducted on the topic of resilience.  By studying some of our world's harshest  natural and personal disasters, she has found powerful common themes around coping skills and endurance that can be applied to the lives of her readers.

... Resilience & Self-Care Workbook Research

Confused?  Looking for practical answers to help you navigate tough, addiction-troubled relationships, with or without divorce?  This companion workbook,  Pour Me a Divorce, is a self-care guide designed to help you apply practical survival skills that promote resilience, and reduce chaos in your life!

  • Discover 6 core Powers of Resilience Within Yourself

  • Learn 10 themes in Problem-Drinking Relationships

  • Recognize New Ways of Managing Conflict

  • Become Your Best Self In & Out of Relationships

  • Embrace Words of Comfort & Inspiration

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About Dr. Sherilyn Marrow

Dr. Sher is a communication professor at the University of Northern Colorado, published author, researcher, and psychotherapist.  Her primary areas of research and writing throughout her 25+ year career are family communication and resiliency.  

Throughout her career she has hosted and appeared on over 100 radio and television broadcasts, showcasing her innovative communication models and stories of resilience.  She is the founder of Expressville, LLC  a company that develops programs, services, and products that promote relationships, resilience,  and renewal.

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