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Here you can purchase a professionally recorded wav file (CD quality) and mp3 file (iTunes quality) of ‘Pour Me A Divorce’, Written by William Henderson, Produced by William Henderson and Sherilyn Marrow, and Performed by Kris Lee and the House Band. All proceeds support the artist and Sherilyn Marrow’s Expressville, LLC.


As Dr. Marrow was in the process of completing her memoir, she decided to celebrate by commissioning a song be written, using concepts from her story. As luck would have it, her friend and collaborator William Henderson was coming off a 14 year hiatus from songwriting, and had just been getting back into the swing of things with new recording gear, and a new intentionality to be more precise and bring more quality to the songs he was writing. He jumped at the chance to work with Dr. Marrow on the song, and had the chorus melody floating in his head within days.

Consistent with the DIY nature of the entire project, Henderson sought to record it himself with production assistance from Dr. Marrow. Over a relatively short period, the song was made ready for the release of the memoir, and now you can have it too!


“The song seemed to write itself, to some degree, though I spent months refining the lyrics and arrangement. A song called ‘Pour Me A Divorce’ could only be a country song, with the frank language that genre invokes. Having never written a country song, I really lucked out to work with some outstanding musicians on the music. Then we searched for a singer in Nashville to bring the song to life, and found Kris Lee. Did she ever bring it to life! I’m so proud of the result and even happier that it gives Dr. Marrow another way to get her message out to people who may need to hear it.”

– William Henderson

Pour Me A Divorce - Song (EP Mix)

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